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Forget but not forgive

Your death hangs around the neck of the family. Your faith lays shattered on the floor.

You can't run and you can't hide, you just have to learn how to survive.

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Both mun and muse are 18+
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3/??? of Harvey Specter from Suits


Ezra didn’t complain when Freddie reached up and mussed his hair. It was blonde and curly no matter what he did, his friend’s gestures wouldn’t harm anything, and it also didn’t stop the wide grin that crossed his face. “Oh, look at you,” he teased before he wrapped both arms around him and hugged him tight. “I don’t know them so - your secret is safe with me. Glad to know that you can be as twitterpated over someone as I can be over a cheeseburger.”

Ezra carefully didn’t talk about telephones. The last time they tried to use them, Ez’ broke and Freddie yelled into it while holding it away from him. 

"Tell it to hurry up and finish cooking. I’m hungry."


"I need to introduce you to Coyote." He muses, burring his head in Ezra’s neck for a couple seconds, a small wince on his face. Surely, he was he only one that was allowed to teas Freddie. "Cheeseburger indeed. You think you are over it, and then there you back again. Love pretty much feels like an indigestion." After dropping a kiss on Ez’s cheek, he disengages and moves to leave the room.

"Come, then. And don’t hurry my cooking, it’s an art. You can’t hurry perfection.”

And now Freddie will start calling Coyote a cheeseburger.

Thanks Ez.


Ezra slipped his clothes back on, as he listened to Freddie’s explanation. He chuckled and turned back, stepping back to sling an arm around his friend’s shoulder and kiss his cheek. “I share Alexander, but I get him most of the time yes. When did you get Coyote? I didn’t get a phone call. I thought that you’d call when important things happened…” 


"You’ll let me in the kitchen. I just won’t touch anything. That’s fair."

Fredrick rolls his eyes, moving a hand to mess up with Ezra’s hair until it looked unruly enough. “I haven’t. We are…we like each other, but fight all the time. I just like to think of her as mine, better than to imagine her with someone else.

Just don’t say anything to her or her father unless you want to see someone bit my head off. “ His is going to raise his brows at his friend once he mentions the phones. “Love, since when do we do phone calls?”

“Fine. But don’t eat the thing before it’s on the pan.”


"We could, if I knew what a reality show was, or ‘Big Love’."


He grins at Freddie: “I’ll give it back to you after. I was reading the funnies, which, aren’t very funny, actually. But yes - I’d like a grilled cheese sandwich, please.”

"Big Love is a telly series about a man who’s married to four? women. Or three. Not sure. We are like the less than straight, probably less sexy version. We even got the kids plane covered up. You got Alexander, I got Coyote, and yet we keep on with a rather dysfunctional cohabitation patter. Not that I’m complaining.

But you would probably make the camara’s ecxplode.”

He squints her eyes, before stretching to poke at Ezra’s side. “Fine, but you’re not allowed into the kitchen anymore.”




"And your shower. And your towel. Alexander is on vacation with Theron. The house was big and lonely. And, I may have broke the kitchen."

"You know, we could sing up for a reality show. It would be a hit, the upgraded more classy version of Big Love."

"I don’t care about the kitchen, but the newspaper Ez, The newspaper. I still need to finish my game.”

He always does.

"Need me to cook you somethig?"